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Thornley Leisure Parks

COVID-19 Policy

July 2020

Helping us keep you safe during your stay

Thornley Leisure Parks are committed to keeping all of our Holiday Home Owners, Seasonal Touring Customers and Holiday Customers safe whilst Wales and the rest of the UK eases itself out of lockdown following the Coronavirus pandemic.

We know how much our business supports our local communities and economy through local jobs. In addition, you as our customers contribute to the local economy through your shopping and excursions to tourist attractions when you stay.  We need to safeguard our local communities, to ensure our teams safety but also that of the businesses who rely on us to survive.

We have been working very hard to prepare for our gradual re-opening, working alongside our industry association, The British Holiday & Home Parks Association, as well as local tourist boards to ensure we operate as safely as possible when we are allowed to welcome you all back.

Please note – this guidance and rules are subject to change and we are doing our upmost to keep up to date with the Government guidance across England and Wales and implement updates as quickly as possible.  Changes will only be made when we feel it is safe to do so in the Holiday Park environment.

What is Covid-19

Covid-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways, it is caused by a virus called Coronavirus, and is transmitted between people in close contact. There is no vaccine currently and to prevent infection, you should avoid exposure to the disease.

What are the symptoms

The symptoms are a new continuous cough, high temperature, shortness of breath and the loss of taste and smell. It is still possible to have the disease and not show any signs. That is why social distancing is the key to reducing the spread of the disease.

Holiday Home Owners & Seasonal Touring Customers

We will be opening our English Parks on 4th July and our Welsh Holiday Parks to our owners on 11th July (these dates are subject to change and are dependent on the ‘R Rate’ continuing to fall)

Our success in keeping our Parks Covid Secure will rely on everyone doing their bit to adhere to our new policies and guidance whilst staying with us.  To this end we would ask the following: –

  • Only travel to your holiday home if you are well enough to do so and are not experiencing any of the recognisable COVID-19 symptoms such as high temperature, new persistent cough or loss of taste and smell.
  • If your primary residence is within an area involved in a localised lockdown, you are not permitted to travel to your holiday home during the lockdown.
  • If you have been identified through the Coronavirus Track & Trace programme and have been asked to self-isolate, you must not use your holiday home throughout your self-isolation period.
  • If you become unwell whilst at your holiday home, please return to your primary residence to self-isolate and notify us when you return home.
  • When on park you must adhere to our social distance and hygiene policies detailed below.
  • Your holiday home should only be used by the same family group – only one household can occupy the holiday home at any one time.
  • There should be no social gatherings inside your holiday home. Until we receive further guidance you should not have visitors to your holiday home.
  • We would ask that you do not enter other customers holiday homes on the park.
  • Please ensure you bring with you the necessary face coverings, hand sanitizer and cleaning products you will require for your stay.

Extended Households & Bubbles (8th July Addition)

Further to our original “Supplementary Park Rules” we have amended our COVID-19 Policy to allow for the following: –

  • A group of two households (known as your extended household in Wales) are permitted to use the holiday home at any one time (anyone in your support bubble counts as one household).
  • We would ask that anyone staying with you in your holiday home be made aware of the social distancing and hygiene rules. Whilst staying on our parks, your guests are your responsibility and as such, anyone found to be in breach of our current guidance will be asked to leave the Holiday Park with immediate effect.

Holiday Home Maintenance

We understand that there are certain instances where it may be necessary for ‘Emergency’ work to be carried out to your holiday home whilst you are staying with us. These are as follows: –

  • Boiler not working – no hot water or heating
  • Gas bottle delivery
  • No electricity
  • Water leaks
  • Faulty door locks
  • Gas/Electric test

For a member of our staff to carry out any work we would ask that you vacate your holiday home, leaving the windows open to allow for ventilation.  Our staff, wearing the appropriate PPE, will attend to the issue and notify you of the outcome.

If any further works require carrying out, including warranty/after-sales we will be able to arrange this following your Holiday Home being vacated for a minimum of 48 hours.

Any outside contractors you employ to work on your holiday home on the park will need to sign in, have their temperature checked and provide copies of their Covid-19 safe working procedure documents.

Holiday Accommodation and Short Stay Touring/Camping Guests

Before you arrive with us we would ask the following: –

  • If you or any of your party are experiencing any of the recognisable symptoms of COVID-19, such as a high temperature, a new persistent cough or loss of smell and taste, please let us know before arrival so we can change your booking dates.
  • If you or anyone in your party have been identified through the Coronavirus Track & Trace programme and have been asked to self isolate, please contact us and we can change the dates of your booking.
  • If you are coming to visit us from an area which has been locally locked down, we would ask you to not arrive with us on park during the lockdown. Please call us and we will change the dates of your booking.
  • Please ensure you bring with you the necessary face coverings, hand sanitizer and cleaning products you will require. We will ensure our accommodation is cleaned to the highest standards, however we would ask all guests arriving with us to take extra precautions during this time.
  • Prior to your arrival you will be contacted by a member of our team who will talk you through the new check in procedures. These will vary depending on which of our Parks you have made your booking with.  Please ensure you fully understand the new procedures in order to help us safeguard our team.

Whilst you are staying with us: –

  • You must adhere to our social distance and hygiene policies detailed below.

When you are getting ready to depart at the end of your stay, we would ask you to leave your accommodation by completing the following: –

  • Place all bedding in the yellow bin bag provided
  • Ensure all rubbish is placed in our refuse areas provided on the park
  • Leave windows open on the latches (weather permitting) and all internal doors throughout the accommodation open to ensure ventilation prior to our housekeeping teams’ arrival
  • Once you have locked your accommodation, return any keys and barrier passes to the post box provided outside reception.

Park Facilities

Unfortunately, for the time being shared facilities such as laundrettes, play areas, gyms, games rooms, swimming pools etc will have to remain closed until the guidance changes.  Our two bars in England at Lakeside Caravan Park and Gallaber Park will be opening with a phased approach however our bars within Wales will remain closed until the guidance changes.  You will be able to obtain detailed information about the availability of facilities from Reception.  Our priority is to safeguard both our customers and our staff, and we will not reopen any facilities until we can ensure this.

Social Distance and Hygiene Policy

During this period we will be asking all our staff and customers to adhere to the following: –

  • Ensure you keep a safe 2 metre social distance from our staff as well as other guests whilst on our Parks, in our local communities as well as using public transport.
  • Wear face coverings in areas you feel you are not able to socially distance.
  • Practice regular handwashing
  • Use antibacterial handwash and hand gel where provided.
  • Contact Reception via telephone/e-mail in the first instance – don’t use our receptions unless it cannot be avoided.
  • Ensure children are supervised at all times whilst on our parks to ensure social distancing is respected.

Track & Trace

In order to comply with the Governments policy on the safe re-opening of Holiday Parks, we need to demonstrate that we are aware of who is on our Holiday Parks at any time.  In order to do this we would ask you to e-mail your park details of the following: –

Name and Plot Reference

Names of guests

Arrival date and departure date

Whilst we understand that you might find this intrusive, it is a legal requirement and the details will be kept for 21 days.  Please note, this is not going to be forever and we hope that by everyone working together these conditions won’t be with us for long.

Private Hire

Owners that hire out their holiday home privately will need to issue us with their own COVID-19 policy and procedures which will detail items such as meet and greet, keys and barrier pass handover, changeover and cleaning procedure.  Reception must be issued with an arrival list detailing the names of each guest in the party and their departure dates along with contact details.  During this time, our Receptions will not be permitted to take any part in the handover of keys or barrier passes.


Legionella is the primary bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ Disease; a type of pneumonia. If your Caravan was not drained down at the point of the park closure it is important that you are aware of the risk and follow these simple procedures to reduce the risk:

Descale & disinfect showerheads – The aerosol from showers could spread Legionella so the shower hose, insert and showerhead should be thoroughly cleaned, descaled and disinfected.

Water Pipes – It will be important when returning to your caravan that you run the water through all taps for a couple of minutes, hot and cold.  Ensure that toilet seats are down when flushed.

Further guidance can be found online.

Bins/Refuse Areas

We ask that you wash your hands both prior to and after using the refuse disposal points. Hand sanitizer has been provided, please use this before and after depositing your waste in the bins provided. Please ensure that all bin bags are sealed when using the general waste bins.

Changes you will see around our parks

  • Enhanced cleaning regime across all areas
  • Antibacterial hand gels and sprays available in all central facilities
  • Perspex barriers and queuing systems in service areas such as reception and bars (where applicable)
  • Social distancing markers on the floor
  • Reduced capacity in service areas such as receptions and bars (where applicable)
  • Team members temperature checked prior to starting work

We understand that the additional guidance and rules above may appear onerous, but we hope you will see that most of the guidance is a common sense approach and by us all doing our bit we can get back to normality sooner rather than later.

The advice above is subject to change as the current situation evolves and we will endeavour to keep you updated with any amendments as they are introduced.


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