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Please see our guide below on reducing the risk of frost damage to your holiday home if occupied during the winter months (before the end of season drain-down)

Some holiday parks are open for longer into the winter months, and there is a high risk of frost damage occurring whilst using your holiday home during the cold weather.

The two main reasons for frost damage are :-

– freezing water within the home in appliances, pipes, taps, and

– water pressure increases within the entire system caused by water freezing outside the home.

If the weather is forecast to freeze we recommend the following :-

– Turn off the external stop tap.

– Keep your heating on low to prevent internal pipes freezing.

– Open all taps and shower mixers (this allows the water to expand through the taps if the external pipework is to freeze.

– When the weather improves (ie above freezing) close your taps/mixers, then turn the water back on SLOWLY, and check for any visible leaks.

Please note that from 1 October to 14 March, if your holiday home is unoccupied, for insurance purposes, your external stop tap must be turned off and taps and showers left open.

In any event, we strongly advise you have your holiday home drained down properly by trained staff on the park when the park closes. Whilst this service does not guarantee against frost damage, it will considerably mitigate the risk, and any damage arising therefrom.

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