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A Perfect Weekend at our Caravan

My wife and I try to get to the caravan at least once a month but in the height of summer, it becomes difficult with work and other commitments.

This summer I imagine will be more of a challenge, with our new Sprocker Spaniel and my new challenge to paddle my SUP board (though Abersoch will be ideal for this)!

I just wanted to share with you what a perfect weekend at the caravan is for us, and I’d love to hear what a perfect weekend for you and your family sounds like.

Our weekend generally begins on a Thursday when we say to ourselves, let’s organize all our gear then after work on Friday we can just get in the car and hit the road… sound familiar?? This invariably never happens, if the weather is nice, we will probably just walk into Conwy for a drink and food (I did say the weekend starts on a Thursday!!)

My wife Beth is a Veterinary Nurse at a local practice and should generally finish on a Friday at 5pm, if she’s home before 6pm it’s a miracle!!  Then begins the mad rush to get ready and pack, with though, the first glass of wine (for her that is, I’m driving!)

We generally hit the road by about 7pm with a car packed with more stuff than we need for the amount of time we are going, our Sprocker Spaniel Ralph and my bike (the roads on the Llyn are amazing for cycling!).   The drive to Abersoch at this time on a Friday evening is quite pleasant as the roads can be quiet, it’s a lovely drive down to be fair, the views over Snowdonia, the Menai Straits, Trefor Quarry and the Yr Eifl’s (The Rivals)   in a setting sun always looks spectacular.

Now the car will always be packed with stuff we don’t need and will be empty of the essentials we do need so a stop in Tesco is always on the cards for the journey down!!

Generally, when we leave Y Ffor (Four Crosses), the view from the tops here over the Ceredigion Bay is spectacular on a lovely evening, we will decide on which takeaway we would like for the evening, Pizza or Thai, and then try in vain to get as probably everybody else has decided the same on a Friday evening!! This coupled with a nice bottle of wine and a few beers and we are set for the evening.


Saturday mornings, whilst my wife likes to have a lie-in, I like to cycle my bike around the headland. There are some great roads and challenging climbs for cyclists and the roads are generally quiet which can make for a great start to the morning. Check out my ride!!


After a spot of lunch, we will walk into the town for a couple of drinks and a look round the shops before returning back to the ‘van for either my fish pie or her lasagna and an evening in front of the telly!!

Sunday usually begins with a nice walk around the headland. There is a great coastal path starting out of Sarn Bach which goes around the headland.  You can enjoy a bacon buttie and a coffee at Mickey’s Boat Yard before you get underway and then the walk can be as long or short as you want it to be. You can walk right around to Hells Mouth if you want and even finish for a pint in The Sun Inn!

Sunday afternoons are fairly chilled after a good walk in the morning, a good chance to read a book or watch a Grand Prix if there is one on!!

Sunday evenings without fail we will go for a drink in Zinc before dinner in Manana’s, a Mexican restaurant which has been a mainstay in the town for over 20 years and a place that never disappoints!!

Luckily my wife doesn’t work a Monday and I can get away with a late start occasionally so a last walk either along Hells Mouth or up at Cilan Farm before packing the car and returning home.

That is sort of in a nutshell, what a perfect weekend away at the caravan is for my wife and I.

We would love to hear yours.

Thank you for reading!!


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