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There’s everything here to find your perfect holiday home. With our sites providing all the necessities you need to explore this land; one vital question remains; which caravan should I buy?

Why should I buy a static caravan?

From a static caravan, you have an extension of your world in a new and exciting location to base your holiday home. From here, you can feel both at home and on holiday in a comfortable setting to start and end each day. Among the many reasons to buy a caravan, the big one is the amount of life it will give you and break the norm. A holiday home is a pick me up for your life.

When you own a static home, it can be used a whole host of reasons; the main reason is that it can become your haven, whether you need a break from the fast-paced world, are with your family or in retirement. With TV, tablets and phones, it’s becoming more difficult to switch off and relax; by having your own holiday home, you can replace ringing with birdsongs in complete tranquillity.

A big reason to buy a static caravan is the time it gives you. More time to spend with family, expand the weekend to break your routine, time to fill in the gap left by retirement. Do you remember having family days? Could imagine having one now? In a static caravan, you can. Likewise, you can fill the time in your retirement with a new hobby in our parks such as hiking, or photography.

Why should I choose a caravan in Cheshire?

Based in the heart of Cheshire, you’ll be spoilt for choice of what to from your holiday home with culture and adventure all in short reach. Natural beauty is everywhere, and on your doorstep, there’ll be grand country homes and natural parks to discover with landscape abound with splendour while centres and locations provide fun and interest for all audiences.

Our site, Lakeside, is based outside of Winsford and in distance of Chester, Manchester and Liverpool, providing the perfect blend of countryside and major historical and cultural cities in this region. With a secluded feel and idyllic setting, our park with its stunning waterside beauty and selection of static homes for sale in Cheshire, are perfect for a holiday base that includes everything.

Whether you’re looking for a short or long holiday in a Cheshire caravan, there’s always something to see, somewhere to explore thanks to a setting that offers lakeside peace and quiet with fishing available on-site. A caravan in this stunning part of the UK provides you with the opportunity to enjoy a holiday that appeals to all, packed together into a glorious base to launch your journeys.

Which caravan is best for me and my family?

No matter your requirements, we have an extensive range of static homes for sale in Cheshire to suit couples, families or those who are bringing a dog to the park. All of our market-leading caravans for sale in the Cheshire area are sold with groups in mind with two bedrooms as standard in all models, with spacious living rooms and kitchens.

The smallest model available, the Willerby Rio Gold, is still 28×12 feet, providing you with ample space for your holiday home, as does the similarly sized Atlas Mirage. We sell Willerby caravans, including the Skye and Sierra, one of the most popular across all our parks owing to its practicality and pricing. Comparable models include the Carnaby Ashdale, Swift Burgundy and ABI St David.

We also have mid-range priced homes available, such as the Carnaby Hainsworth, at 39×12, with contemporary designs for a brilliant blend of practical and plush. At the other end of our market is the Willerby Portland, this luxurious, high-end model will accommodate large groups in its 40×20 space, is a best-seller and has its own distinctive features and styling.

What if I have a smaller budget?

That’s no problem at all, we have a range of static caravans for sale in Cheshire that includes new or used homes. No matter the budget you have, as one of the leading caravan dealers in Cheshire, we’ll make sure that you find the perfect holiday home to fit your needs that ensure a comfortable stay and property to set-up your break from daily life.

There’s a whole host of new caravans for sale in Cheshire, and you’ll have the very latest equipment and contemporary designed upholstery fitted to match your settings in this caravan park. Among our many caravans for sale in Cheshire, we sell the market-leading homes by Willerby, Carnaby, ABI, Swift, Regal and Atlas; all of which offer something for everybody be it size, budget or style.

If you have a smaller budget and choose to purchase a used caravan, you’ll have our quality guarantee that every fitting and fixture works as you expect, kept in top condition. You will have the facilities and practicality expected of a new caravan but at a reduced cost. Whether you’re looking at a holiday home for a couple or family, you have our assurance it’ll be the best choice for you.