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Thanks to its beachside location on the Llyn Peninsula, overlooking Cardigan Bay. Thanks to this, there’s an array of water sports on offer, as well as tours around the natural landscape. That’s not forgetting its position close to small villages and castles to explore. So, one question remains; which caravan do you buy?

Why should I buy a static caravan?

From a static caravan, you have an extension of your world in a new and exciting location to base your holiday home. From here, you can feel both at home and on holiday in a comfortable setting to start and end each day. Among the many reasons to buy a caravan, the big one is the amount of life it will give you and break the norm. A holiday home is a pick me up for your life.

There are many reasons for owning a static caravan; the main one being that it can become your escape, whether you need a break from the fast-paced digital world, quality time with your family or a retirement retreat. It’s becoming more difficult to relax thanks to technology; by having your own holiday home, you can replace ringing phones with birdsongs and crashing waves.

A big reason to buy a static caravan is the life it can give you. More time to spend with family or your partner, expand your weekend, and time to fill in the gap in your life left by retirement. Just think of all the new hobbies you could pick up, experiences you could share with friends or family, and the memories you can create and cherish. All of this can be done from your luxury holiday home.

Why should I buy a static caravan in Abersoch?

Abersoch, and our park, Green Pastures, is located on the southern coast of the stunning Llyn Peninsula. Here, you’ll be spoilt for choice with history, a beautiful coastline, and water sports all in reach. As one of the most-loved holiday sites in North Wales, you can enjoy views across Cardigan Bay where sea life is in abundance. There are better places to relax after a day of exploring.

Green Pastures is based outside of Abersoch and in distance of Pwllheli, provides the perfect blend of coast and culture in Gwynedd. In this seascape setting, our park is just a short walk from the beach and a whole host of water-based fun – be it sport or tours for dolphin watching. You can venture in-land to the valleys or castles or stay by the coast for a holiday to remember.

Whether it’s a short or long holiday in an Abersoch caravan you’re looking for, there’s always new to discover an activity to try out thanks to a setting that provides incredible coastal views and. A caravan in this gorgeous part of Wales gives you a holiday opportunity that can be enjoyed by all, housed in a fantastic location from which to begin an exciting trip.

Which Abersoch caravan is best for me and my family?

No matter what you’re looking for to fit a couple, family or those who want to bring a dog to the park, we have an extensive range of static caravans for sale in Abersoch. With the holiday homes coming with two bedrooms as standard and made with groups in mind by featuring large living areas and a sizeable kitchen, we’ll have the best caravans for sale in Abersoch North Wales available.

Our most popular and main caravan for sale in Abersoch, North Wales, is the Willerby Sierra – one of the most popular holiday home models in their range and across all our sites. The Sierra makes for an affordable model owing to its stylish and practical design in a mid-range size 35×12 feet with two bedrooms to fit a family comfortably.

Thanks to its mid-market pricing, the Sierra is the most popular Abersoch holiday homes for sale and in high demand. Available in three sizes, it’ll provide a perfect base for your holiday.

What if I have a smaller budget?

That’s not an issue at all, we have a range of caravans for sale in Abersoch that includes brand new or used properties. No matter the budget you have, we’re sure we can find the perfect holiday home to fit your needs that ensure a comfortable stay and property to set-up your break from daily life.

There’s a range of new Abersoch holiday homes for sale, and you’ll have the very latest features and furniture fitted to match this beautiful beachside caravan park. We have the entire range of Willerby Sierra caravans, ranging in size and number of people who can sleep in the property – allowing you have a home for any occasion.