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Easter Under Lockdown!!

Easter Bank Holiday weekend is traditionally a time for catching up with friends and family and of course eating Easter Eggs!!

This Easter is going to be slightly different due to the government guidelines setting out non-essential travel and the need for everyone to stay at home.

So I thought I’d share with you some plans my wife and I have for making the most of the weekend and share some ideas which may help people still enjoy all the traditional pursuits we like to do over an Easter weekend.

Usually, on either the Maundy Thursday or Good Friday I would walk down into Conwy to either the Albion, Erskine or Liverpool Arms for a pint or two with friends.   We will all try to do this as usual, but instead of meeting in the pub we will all grab a couple of beers, sit around our own individual dining room tables and ‘log in’ to the mobile App, ‘ House Party’.   It’s always good to catch up with friends and a few of us have been doing this each week since the lockdown.

On the morning after a few drinks, it’s rude not to have a bacon buttie!!   Maybe we should have a social media competition for people to ‘post’ their bacon buttie pictures and how they make them?!?!

Another outing my wife Beth and I would enjoy is to visit our favourite Italian, Alfredo’s in Conwy. It’s a great restaurant, great food, always a warm inviting atmosphere, we love it.  Luckily for me, my wife makes the best Lasagna, so we will sit down have our own little Italian meal with garlic bread, tiramisu and a bottle of Sicilian red wine!!  You could even decorate the dinner table or listen to some traditional Italian music if you can find something on Spotify.

Last weekend the family arranged a family quiz over Zoom. We are planning on doing this again on Easter Sunday.  It’s not the same as seeing people face to face but it is a good laugh and great to see every one, even if it was on the computer screen!!

Manchester United should have been playing home this weekend which has been postponed until a later date. Instead of watching the live game, we’ve been watching past matches on Sky instead. Hopefully this weekend they will have a good match to watch. Monday Night Football is showing Man Utd vs Tottenham from the 1999 season, the first part of the treble!!

Part of our daily exercise will be to take our dogs out for a walk.  We are so lucky in Conwy to have a great hill behind us to allow us to stretch the dogs’ leg’s.   If you are ever in Conwy it is a must as the views all around from the top are stunning. You can see Conwy itself and the Castle, over to Deganwy, Llandudno and the Great Orme. There are also good views looking down the Conwy Valley towards Betws y Coed, and in the opposite direction over to Anglesey and Puffin Island.  I challenge you to find a walk with such scenic views!

If the weather remains good, we intend to dig out the tent and camp in the garden! Hopefully, the skies will be clear, and we can sit out watching the stars listening to music with a glass of wine.  I’ve seen a lot of ‘posts’ on social media how people intend to camp in their front rooms which is great for kids.

Conwy has become a bit of a ‘foodie’ destination over the last couple of years and we are lucky to have two great Indian restaurants. Normally we would have a takeaway from Jalsa but these are not normal times, so instead I’m going to attempt to make one!!   I’ve found a couple of recipes from my Jamie Oliver cook-book and have ordered all the ingredients on our Tesco delivery for the weekend and will try my best to rustle up a lovely meal with all the extras, poppadum’s, naan bread etc.

Our other usual Easter weekend tradition is to sit down at some point and watch one of our favourite movies.  I will as usual, suggest we watch one of the movies from The Godfather Trilogy, I love the old gangster films!.   More than likely I will be bullied into watching one of my wife’s favourite films, so no doubt I will be watching either ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ or ‘Blended’!!   Hopefully we shall have enough snacks and Easter Eggs to get me through!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed listening to how Beth and myself intend to spend our Easter Weekend.  Hope you have a nice weekend yourselves and I look forward to seeing you on the parks and around Conwy soon. But for now, it is vital that we all stay home so that we can survive this current crisis which we hope will be over sooner rather than later.

Stay Safe.

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